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About Us

David Sechovicz. I am a horticulture and gardening hobbyist. My immense love and affection for the beauty of nature excites me.

For a nature lover like me, maintaining the beauty of gardens and other natural avenues is my way to appreciate and give back to nature. Gardening, despite sounding like a simple recreation, is a lot more than that. Managing and maintaining the ever growing greenery requires a lot of chemical, biological and applied horticulture science. As a hobbyist gardener I have extensive gardening-related knowledge including indoor and outdoor plants and orchids.


I am a young, driven, self-employed person who provides top-notch standard gardening solutions at affordable prices to help you keep your lawns and gardens luxuriant all year long.


It is crucial to perform prompt and effective upkeep on these stunning landscapes. When pruning, trimming, mowing the lawn, controlling pests, and treating the entire landscape garden become required, David Sechovicz can help by giving you the relevant knowledge you need to keep your garden ever-green.


Lawn mowing solutions helps with landscaping, and lawn upkeep. You can get lawn maintenance information based on weed removal, hedge trimming services, and any other need by getting in touch with David Sechovicz.


Vertimowing is a garden and lawn care service that demands experience and professional-grade equipment, which David Sechovicz can deliver.


Lawn aeration reduces soil compaction by allowing water, oxygen, and nutrients to penetrate the root system, resulting in a thicker, healthier lawn. Additionally, David Sechovicz provides turf and lawn coring services internationally.


David Sechovicz’s comprehensive array of lawn care solutions will keep your grass lush, green, and healthy by utilizing golf course-quality fertilizer and weed control.